• Your youth should be a time of fun! But sadly, for many in this country it is fraught with confusion and pain more than fun.
  • Many teenagers are concerned about youth violence, and with good reason. Each year, far too many teens commit acts of violence, and their victims are most often other teenagers.
  • You Can Help! Every donation, large and small, can help to reach the youth of America. Click on the photo and go to the donation page.


Welcome to BriElen’s D.R.E.A.M.S Corp, a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization, started in California. We are co-founded by Brieanna Norwood and HelenMarie McCracken. Both are survivors of extreme Domestic Violence, who were brought together by fate and a very large calling; TO CHANGE THE WORLD by finding solutions to Domestic Violence.

We are voicing a solution, hoping to bring about awareness and prevention. The key element is YOUTH. By educating the youth to recognize, avoid, and prevent Domestic Violence, we may bridge the gap for change. This year more than 10 million people will fall victim to DV, and of those, 85% will be aged 16 to 24. 1 in every 4 teenagers will be affected. It is imperative to reach every teen in America with the tools needed to combat these odds.

BriElen’s D.R.E.A.M.S Corp will be launching a Nationwide campaign, “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE YOUTH AWARENESS WEEK.” We have strategically written, with the help of educators and professionals, a simple yet effective program to educate teens on Domestic Violence. Our aim is primarily U.S. high schools to start, and then eventually writing a program to suit even younger age groups. It is designed so that any educator or teacher at the school can easily follow the program steps and teach the material effectively. It consists of a step by step, 5 day short lesson plan, informational hand outs and resources guidebook, activities for the school, contests, promotional material, and an assembly. It is basic, yet will prove to show effective.

Breaking the cycles of abuse, starts with first breaking the silence. Although Domestic Violence has been given more heed recently, it is still a very hushed topic. Many are embarrassed or shamed to even discuss it, much less reveal it. We aim to change the trends of the mind set on Domestic Violence, by bringing awareness to every teen in the U.S. You can show your support and be a voice against DV by signing a pledge to be and stay Domestic Violence Free. Both victim and abuser. By doing so, you become part of a giant empire we are building of soldiers for NO TOLERANCE.

We will also be launching a petition, “BriElen’s Law”, which is to make it mandated for every public High School in the U.S. to participate in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE YOUTH AWARENESS WEEK. Please look out for this in the near future and sign your name. Together we can beat Domestic Violence. It will not be overnight, but SOMEDAY we will see a significant change and drop in the astronomical numbers Domestic Violence has hold on us.

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